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ESP Program Export HEX/BIN & Flash Tool Upload

ESP32 Flash Tool Upload

With the ESP Download Tool you can upload compiled programs (BIN files) to the ESP. This article is about the setup of the tool and about the different parameters which are necessary for a successful program upload. All information about the program export from the Arduino IDE can be found in this article.

ESPRESSIF offers a software to upload compiled programs to an ESP32 or ESP8266. The software can be downloaded from the manufacturers website. Afterwards the EXE program contained in the unpacked folder can be started:

ESP32 Flash Tool Start

The ESP32 is selected as "ChipType". The "WorkMode" should always be selected to "develop". There is also a factory mode where the manufacturer can program several controllers at the same time. Afterwards the software can be started with a click on "OK".

ESP32 Flash Tool Plain

Set parameters

Before selecting the BIN file and the memory area, some parameters for the ESP32 have to be selected.
br> Tip: You can also find most of the parameters in the Arduino IDE and you can take it from there.
br> Basically most ESP32 boards should work with the following settings:

  • SPI SPEED: 80 MHz
  • Flash Size: 32 Mbit (4 Mbyte)

  • Additionally the COM port must be specified in the software. The BAUD rate is set to 921600.

    Afterwards the path to the BIN file and the memory area has to be specified:

    Path and storage area

    The program offers the possibility to upload several BIN files at the same time. So not only the actual program but also the bootloader or partitions can be uploaded to the ESP32. Since in principle a bootloader is always already installed on the development boards before delivery, this does not have to be uploaded. It is sufficient to upload only the BIN file with the main program.

    The range for the main program always starts with: 0X10000

    As you can see in the following screenshot, both fields will turn green if entered correctly. With a click on "Start" the upload process starts. If this was successful, this is confirmed with "FINISH". As soon as the reset button is pressed on the controller, the uploaded program should start.

    ESP32 Flash Tool Upload

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