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Arduino LCD Interface - TFT Display Elegoo

Arduino LCD Interface

There is also a video on YouTube for this article: Arduino TFT LCD Interface

TFT displays are now very cheap to get and are also popular in the Arduino community. The start is often a little difficult, but with the right library it is easy. The display has a resistive touch screen with a good accuracy. This example shows how to create switches (eg F-Keys), or generate error messages as well as question pop-ups. The main screen should show a user-friendly interface with some values, a system status as well as the time (system runtime). The buttons F1-F4 can be operated via the touch screen and display various demo examples. To use this example, you only need an Arduino as well as a TFT display and the corresponding library. Attention: This example has been tested with ELEGOO displays and may need to be modified for other displays.


F-Buttons at the TFT-Display

  • F1: Opens a window where you can select YES or NO
  • F2: Opens an Infobox, which you close with a click on OK
  • F3: Opens a window where you can move a slider that outputs a percentage value
  • F4: Switches the text on the main screen from RUN to STOP

Additional knowledge

This LCD TFT-Display is compatible with the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega. At the Arduino Uno, many pins are used, which leads to uncomfortable access to the remaining free pins. On the Arduino Mega, however, many I/O-Pins are still available. The display shield can also be used with an SD card, which can be used to load images into the display

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